超市设计 | 案例欣赏---新中式的留白余韵

Davidov Architects | 场地的诗学

Our client's love of nature and natural light was also embraced through the planning of the Kaiyun官方网站登录入口house around 4 distinct landscaped areas. The various outdoor courtyards and gardens were designed to take advantage of their aspect, orientation an。

超市设计 | 案例欣赏---新中式的留白余韵

沈墨 新作 | 向太办公室,连接胶卷记忆的现代化美学直播空间

The design and construction period is only one month, how to make the design and landing balance is a major challenge of the project. Drawing inspiration from film reels, the designers incorporate the concept of film and film everywhere in 。


5,商业楼宇改造住宅 - commercial building convert to residential 6,室内外及花园翻新 - full refurbishment 7,施工计划图 - planning 8,室内设计 - interior design 如果您希望了解更多,欢迎扫码添加我们的专业顾问(微信号chris_hydeglobal)进行咨询Kaiyun官方网站登录入口:。

Ze Workroom | 避世而居

The bathroom adopts a light color scheme, emphasizing the style and selection of sanitary ware and objects, with a strong sense of fashion. At the same time, the ingenious glass partition design integrates with the architectural appearance,。

案例 | 澳门 · 美狮美高梅酒店

The lighting and decorative details of the guest rooms all reflect uer-friendliness and carefulness. The suite living room uses soft light strips distributed on both sides of the ceiling trough, with ceiling spotlights installed in the midd。